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Termite Control - Termite Chemicals (Termiticide) Choice

So Many Choices - Which is the right one?

Currently there are two major groups of termiticides on the market.

  • Repellents
  • Non-Repellents

Each has its place in termite control, however there are times when one type of termticide is better suited to your property and your needs.

Repellent Termiticides

Repllent termiticides have been around a little longer.  The most readily available active ingredient used in these products is Bifenthrin.  The R&D company who brought Bifenthrin to the market is FMC Australasia with their product called Biflex.

These products are very cost effective and will bind with the soil well once placed.  If a termite comes in contact with treated soil it will either die or be repelled from the treated area.

Repellent termiticides do not have a "chain reaction" that affects the rest of the colony.

If the treated soil barrier around your property is complete (no gaps) and bedded down in good soil, then it will provide many years of protection for the structure.

If termites are active inside your property and a repellent soil barrier is placed around your structure, you can run the risk of 'locking" them inside your property and this has caused concern for some property owners in the past.

Non-Repellent Termiticides

These termiticides are the newer technology and have a different way of killing termites.  At high enough dosage, the termiticide is lethal to the termite, however these products are a bit more sneaky in that the termite cannot detect its presence.  So as they move through treated soil, they come in contact with the the product.

These products have a "chain reaction" effect which means that the active ingredient can be transferred throughout the colony without being detected by the termites - resulting in colony elimination.

The 2 active ingredients in the marketplace at the moment are:

  • Imidacloprid, marketed as Premise by Bayer Environmental Sciences
  • Fipronil, marketed as Termidor by BASF

Others may follow.

These new generation termiticides have a very good toxiciy profile for humans and pets and are proving a popular choice among our clients.


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