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Termite Nest Destruction

Why is this important?

If a termite nest is detected, we recommend swift action to eradicate the termite colony from your property.  It could be that the nest is not even on your property - but could be coming from a region beyond your property boundary.

How is a nest destroyed?

Direct Destruction:
If the nest can be directly located on your property, it can be destroyed by physical removal or treated with an approved termiticide. However, not all termite nests are easily found. In this situation indirect termite colony destruction is required.

Indirect Destruction:
There are a number of ways a termite nest can be destroyed indirectly.  All these methods use the termite social feeding and grooming network to spread the termiticides through the entire colony.  These methods include:

  • Use of special  termiticide "dusts" injected into their workings and galleries
  • Baits that contain a toxicant that is not harmful to us but is lethal to termites
  • Liquid and foam treatments containing termiticides that slowly affect the entire colony.

A successful campaign will eliminate the termite queen and the entire nest.

How long does it take to work?

Direct destruction should have immediate effects. 

Indirect termite nest destruction does take time and much depends on the products and systems used, the species of termite, the location and the time of year.

Most methods will take a number of weeks before the termite colony shows real signs of being eliminated.  In some instances it can take a number of months.

What happens after the nest is destroyed?

Destroying a termite colony will not protect your property from further attack.  You need to establish a plan to keep a watch on termites and other timber pests and take some active steps to avoid undetected entry into your property structures.

What other options are there?

Click here to learn more about your Termite Treatment Options...


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