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Termite & Timber Pest Options

When it comes to dealing with termites and other timber pests, there are often many alternatives in how to manage your property.

The very first thing you need to establish is whether you have any termites, borers and/or timber decay problems affecting your property.

How can this be done?
By getting a Timber Pest Inspection.

Once this has been done, there are numerous management options that are available to you.

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Property Management Plan Proposal

Our standard Termites & Timber Pest Property Management Plan Proposal contains a complete set of options that may be applicable to your property.

We provide a proposal once we have been onsite to your property.

The key Sections are explained below...

 1  Timber Pest Inspeciton

This is always the first step required to assess whether there is visual evidence of termites and other timber pests, and what needs to be done to effectively manage the property.

This option is always required when structures are involved, however when trees, retaining walls or other such items have timber pest activity it is highly recommended to have the primary structures on the property inspected.

Please note:
This option will not provide any protection from further attack in the inspected area or otherwise.

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 2  Localised Treatment

If termites or other timber pests are present, this treatment is necessary as part of an overall management strategy.

This part of the service is designed to eliminate the localised timber pest infestation. This could be in areas such as trees, fences, retaining walls or timber pest activity inside the structure.

It may involve a number of strategies including direct termiticides injection into active workings, localised baiting or localised treatment of specific soil areas.

Please note:
This option will not provide any protection from further attack in the inspected area or otherwise.

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 3  Termiticide Treated Zone

This option provides treatment to soil abutting the structure. Depending on the termiticide used, the treated zone may also affect the entire termite colony.

The selection of termiticide is subject to the outcome of a FULL TIMBER PEST INSPECTION. If termite activity or damage is located in the premises, repellent termiticides (e.g. Bifenthrin) will NOT be made available as an option. This is to avoid the situation where termites can be ‘locked in’ rather than use their natural habits and biology against them (which is the benefit of non-repellent termiticides).

Where a Free Service Period exists, ongoing inspections (at least every 12 months or as advised by Amalgamated Pest Control) are required to maintain the Free Service Period. These Inspections and any subsequent management recommendations will be at the expense of the Client.

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 4  Monitoring & Baiting

This option involves the placing of ‘monitoring’ stations or ‘bait boxes’ in the ground and/or structure at strategic positions to detect and control termite activity.

The objective of this method is to take advantage of the foraging habits of subterranean termites. Some systems include a ‘baiting component’ that can be used once termites are active in the stations to feed and thereby affect the colony – wherever it may be located.

Please Note:
Bait boxes aim to reduce the possibility of future attack. We cannot guarantee to eliminate it.

We will ask you to sign a Monitoring Agreement which will outline what we both will do, what is INCLUDED in your investment and what ADDITIONAL costs may be incurred.

Monitoring Agreement (Detailed Wording)

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 5  Other Things APC Can Do

Other management options available may include combined chemical & physical barriers such as:

  • ReTerM™  (Termiticide Replenishment System)
  • Kordon(Combined Physical and Chemical Barrier)
  • HomeGuard(Combined Physical and Chemical Barrier)
  • TermSeal (A system for placing repellent barriers in joints and hard-to-reach places)
  • Timber preservative treatments

Please Note:
These options will not eradicate existing termite activity or ensure protection from further attack.

 6  Things You Must Know & Do

Often times, there are things that you need to do or be responsible for to make implement the management plan.  They can include:

  • Moving the hot water system
  • Lifting pavers
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Moving air conditioning systems
  • Moving stacked items away from walls
  • Removing Vegetation / Landscaping

The cost of these items has will not be included in the quoted price and remains the responsibility of the Client.

Please read your proposal carefully and ask if you are unsure about anything in this Section.

 7 & 10  Timber Replacement Guarantee

The Timber Replacement Guarantee (TRG) is our premium warranty offering.

It is not applicable to all properties.

Timber Replacement Guarantee Overview

Timber Replacement Guarantee Agreement (Detailed Agreement Wording)

Your Propsal will indicate if your property is eligable of the TRG and what must be done if you would like to have this level of warranty.

 9  Free Service Period

 The Free Service Period is our standard level warranty and may be offered on our Termiticide Treated Zones (Section   3   and Other Services - Section   5  )

Free Service Period Overview

Free Sevice Period Agreement (Detailed Agreement Wording)

 11  Environmental Conditions & General Terms and Conditions

Understanding the impact of environmental conditions is vital to the success of any termite control or timber pest management plan.

Please take time to read about Environmental Conditions and Corrections here...

In addition

Please read our General Terms and Conditions...


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