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Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.

Termite Control

Know Your Options

Termite Control requires skill and experience.  There are lots of options that can help but the most important thing to remember is that every property is different, so your solution needs to be tailored to suit your property.

Most Australian properties require some form of termite control and management.  Very few regions of Australia are void of termites.  This means that at the very least, every property should have a annual termite inspection or more expansive timber pest inspection.

What are the current options available?

To keep it simple, the basic options that can be used to provide for detection and control of termites include:

  • Termite Inspections - a must to decide what strategy to adopt
  • Elimination of active termites in the property.  This can be done by different means including dusts, chemicals or baiting systems.
  • Keeping termites away from the property.  This can be done by using physical barrier systems, chemical treated zones or monitoring and baiting systems

A large part of effective control is to maintain checks on environmental conditions and changes to the structure that could encourage termite attack in the future.  That's why ongoing maintenance and inspections are so important.

Even the best termite control system can be compromised. 

That's why you need to build a partnership with a qualified timber pest technician as part of property protection plan. 

You insure your property against fire, flood and other disasters, but no insurance will provide cover for termite damage.  Your best possible option is to work with us in helping to make sure you are doing your very best to protect your property from future termite and timber pest attack.

Always choose a company that:

  • Has fully qualified timber pest technicians (in some States you require an additional licence to do this work)
  • Is Fully Insured (Professional Indemnity Insurance)

At Amalgamated Pest Control, we have looked after Australian Properties for over 80 years - and still going strong.

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