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Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.


The best time to formulate your battle plan is when you are building a new home or altering an existing one.

When you choose your taps, tile and paint, don’t forget to choose the termite defence system for your building.

Taking the time at construction stage can save significant time and money. These efforts can also add value to your property at the time of resale.

How can Amalgamated Pest Control help?
We can provide a range of options to suit every home and budget.  These include:

  • Reticulation systems - a way of replenishing a termiticide barrier
  • Physical/Chemical building component systems such as Kordon, Homeguard and TermSeal

Introducing the latest in termiticide replenishment systems - ReTerM

Visit the Official ReTerM website for more information.

We will do all we can to help you deter the enemy from your new construction. A qualified timber pest technician can review your construction plans and assist you with the design of a suitable termite management system for the life of your new building.

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