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Residential (Domestic) Pest Control

When it comes to solving pest problems in your home, you want to be confident that you and your loved ones and your pets are safe, and that you can have confidence that the treatment will work.

We can look after all your general pest problems including cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and many others.  Click here to see our full list of services...

We can even check your house for termites.  
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Worried About Pest Control Chemicals? Is Pest Control Safe?

Not all our pest control methods involve pesticides and sprays.

Depending on the pest, and your circumstances, we can use methods that include physical modification of the environment and trapping to achieve results.

However when we do use pesticides, we select formulations and baits with the lowest toxicity available and focus our treatments on areas that keep these formulations away from you, your family and your pets.

What about allergies or sensitivities to chemicals?

Please let us know – we can tailor a solution that minimizes the impact on you.

What about Natural Pest Control?

Most “Natural Pest Control” businesses use EXACTLY the same products that we use. 

All pesticides have “natural” origins – the most commonly used today are the pyrethroids (extracted from certain types of flowers). 

We use the “man-made” versions of these pesticides in the majority of our treatments.

Most of these formulations have no colour or odour.

Where do we treat?

That really depends on the pest. All our treatments focus on the places where the particular pest will breed, hide or feed.

In the majority of case, internal treatments are kept well away from contact with you. 

If you are concerned, our Amalgamated Pest Control technician can explain what will be done in your home before he starts.

How can you be confident in the pest control service that you get?

You can be confident for a few reasons…

Our Technicians

  • Our Technicians are trained to assist you in solving your pest control problems.  

  • They are trained and properly licenced.

  • They are local people in your community - they know your area.

  • Their focus is to provide management options that will be effective and ensure the safety of you, your property and the environment.

Our Service Warranty

Depending on the pest service,  Amalgamated Pest Control offers a Service Warranty.

At Amalgamated Pest Control we take pride in our service, and ability to solve your problems. If we haven’t done so then we want to know!

In some cases it is not possible to foresee every problem at a first visit - so we need to work with you until your problem is solved.

This means that if you regularly see or experience problems with any pest covered under our Service Warranty, then we are only too happy to come back as soon as possible to address your concerns.

That’s why we have the motto...

“Guaranteed Gone. If They Come Back So Do We”.

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