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Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Structure, Appearance and Characteristics

  • Webbing Spider.
  • Body size (approx): Female 20-25mm, Male 5-10mm
  • Moderately large, robust.
  • Builds large sticky webs that cling tenaciously to the hair, hands and face.
  • Body is plump, triangular, hairy.
  • Legs as thick as match sticks.
  • Colour and patterns variable ranging from pale white through grey to dark brown with many patterns of spots, stripes and patches.
  • Male is smaller with many sharp spines on the legs.
  • Non-aggressive.
  • Nocturnal.
  • Sit centrally on the web at night.
  • During the day, spider moves to an elevated retreat and may be found huddled under eaves, leaves and occasionally in washing that has been left out overnight.


Web is usually strung between low trees, shrubs and other structures.

Pest Status

Webs can be unsightly or cause distress. Although docile, a bite may produce mild pain, nausea, dizziness, numbness and swelling around the site of the bite.

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