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Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.


Amphipod (Talitrus sp.)

Amphipod (Talitrus sp.)

Structure, Appearance and Characteristics

  • Small prawn-like creature 5-10mm long.
    Belong to the taxanomic Class crustacean – (related to prawns)
  • Translucent blackish brown in colour while alive.
  • Turn a pink-red colour once dead.
  • Related to the beach flea.
  • Good jumpers.


Prefer moist garden areas among decaying vegetable matter and are often found under ground cover (such as ivy), or under leaf mould below shrubbery. Can be found in soft, moist ground to a depth of 13 mm. Excessive watering may cause them to find dryer habitats.


Feed on decaying vegetable matter.

Pest Status

Not considered a nuisance but a useful creature.


Because of their food and water needs, they remain an outdoors animal, only coming indoors during excessively wet conditions. Treatment is unnecessary since they cannot survive indoors. Exclusion is difficult if not impossible because of their small size. The only way they could possibly survive indoors would be in a basement situation where there is adequate moisture, temperature and food sources. Removing or altering one these factors, for example drying out the area, will eliminate the population very quickly.


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