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Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control Methods

Salmonella, gastro and diarrhea spread all over your cutlery and crockery

Asthma attacks for your kids

Cockroach poo all over the house...

There are some very good reasons that cockroaches are among the most loathed insects in the world! Cockroach control can be difficult with home products and strategies. However, Amalgamated Pest Control's current research, products and cockroach control methods mean that we can create a clear path to a cockroach-free home for you.

Why Bother with Cockroach Control?

  • Disease: Cockroaches can carry disease-causing bacteria, spreading salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and diarrhoea among others. The organisms causing these diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches, and are deposited on food and utensils as cockroaches feed and move about. Cockroach control helps keep the youngest, oldest and most vulnerable members of your family safe. 
  • Asthma and allergies: Cockroaches can also be responsible for asthmatic reactions.  Children, the elderly and people prone to bronchial ailments can react to the discarded fragments of "skin" when cockroaches moult.
    Learn more about cockroach biology here...
  • Adaptability: Every property is at risk from a cockroach infestation. Almost any organic matter is food for cockroaches, and they are great hitch-hikers and fliers, spreading rapidly.
  • Breeding success: They are rapid breeders; just a couple of cockroaches can turn into huge numbers in just a few weeks.  Continued sightings of adult and juvenile cockroaches is a fairly good sign that they are breeding nearby.

Cockroach Control Tips

There are things that you can do to diminish a cockroach problem around your home or workplace.  Cockroach control methods used by Amalgamated Pest Control's professional pest controllers employ some principles which you can utilise yourself at home:

Inspection: This is the first step in a cockroach control program. Look for live or dead cockroaches, their droppings or egg cases in environments which attract them, such as:

  • The kitchen area (in the cupboards, under sinks and around appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave oven 
  • Wet areas like the bathroom and laundry (in cabinets and drawers) 
  • Sub floor areas (if your property has a sub floor)

If you find any evidence of cockroaches, then you can start with some basic cockroach control tasks. 

There are 4 basic principles of cockroach control:

  1. Remove food:  You need to be able to reduce the food source for the cockroaches.  This means removing stray food particles lying around by good cleaning practices.  Do not leave food scarps exposed. Make sure that you pay particular attention to cleaning cracks, cervices, bench tops and appliances. It's also a good idea to seal up any rubbish bins and making sure they are well covered.  Keep all your food in sealed containers.
  2. Remove water: Cockroaches need water to survive.  They love warm, damp places; making sure there are none in your house is the second major cockroach control step.  Look out for leaking taps or places indoors where water seems to collect.  Check that there is no leaking plumbing in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas.  If you property has a sub floor area, make sure that water drains away properly and it is well ventilated.
  3. Remove shelter: Cockroaches prefer small confined spaces like cracks and crevices.  Taking away their preferred habitat and breeding grounds is an important aspect of cockroach control. Seal all cracks and crevices in the bathroom, pantry and kitchen cupboards, including cracked tiles and splashbacks.  Avoid storing unnecessary items, like cardboard boxes, plastic bags from the supermarket and old toys or clothes. 
  4. Trapping: Collecting cockroaches on special sticky traps is another easy home step to help with cockroach control.  These traps can be purchased, and often contain a food or pheromone attractant to entice the cockroaches onto the sticky board.  Its best to place these traps where you see cockroaches running regularly.

Cockroach Control Methods and Strategies

Cockroach control is usually easier with the larger varieties; the most challenging species (which affects nearly every region of Australia) is the German Cockroach (Blattella germanica).

German Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can affect most commercial premises and also become a homeowner’s nightmare. If given the opportunity, German Cockroaches will become a permanent family member! There are different methods for German Cockroach control, but all require:

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Knowledge

Patience: A single cockroach control treatment can't get rid of the entire population. You'll need to be patient, stick to your cockroach control program and implement treatments as necessary. 

Persistence: Cockroaches develop rapidly, and studies confirm they develop faster when their population is under stress. This is nature's way of preserving the species. A long term (at least yearly) cockroach control schedule must be created and then adhered to strictly.

Knowledge: It is essential that your pest control professional has a thorough knowledge of how cockroaches move through your house, what problem areas exist, and which times of the year are worse for infestations (and require more intensive cockroach control) than others.

Cockroach Control Products


When you engage Amalgamated Pest Control for cockroach control in your home or business, our choice of cockroach control products, schedules and levels is based on a three-stage process involving assessment, cockroach control treatment, and follow-up.


Amalgamated Pest Control's cockroach control assessments cover:

  • Size of the infestation (population)?
  • How far has it spread?
  • What is required to treat?
  • What must be done after treatment (follow-up)?


Cockroach Spraying and Dusting

Spray and dust formulation products for cockroach control are a great first-line option.

Benefits: Cockroach control with spray and dust is very fast acting, and if the product treatment is complete cockroaches will not migrate from one room to another. Applied in the right places, as Amalgamated Pest Control professionals will identify, dust products can offer good residual protection in the longer term. Modern products are also very low volatility, so quite safe for your family.

Be aware that: Any cleaning or wetting of the treated areas will render both spray and dust cockroach control products ineffective. Your Amalgamated Pest Control technician will let you know about the areas that have been treated at your visit, and what to expect in the days and months after a spray/dust treatment.

Some  customers are concerned that their cockroaches are 'resistant' to spray or dust cockroach control formulations because their home or business has been treated, but the cockroach activity slows only a little. In most cases there is actually no resistance - incomplete application of cockroach control products has simply allowed the insects to completely avoid the treated areas.

With Amalgamated Pest Control's qualifications, certifications and expertise, this will not happen. Remember ... if they come back, so do we!

Cockroach Baiting

New cockroach control products and formulations have made baiting, once considered an ineffective treatment, more useful again.

Benefits: New formulation gel baits are odourless and safe to use in sensitive areas like both home and commercial kitchens. They contain attractants which make the cockroach control products irresistible to these crawling critters.

Cockroach gel baits can be more precisely and neatly applied than dust products. Additionally, little preparation for this cockroach control treatment is needed.

Be aware that: These products are just as effective as spray and dust formulations in the long term, but do take longer to work initially. Also, if you overspray the gel baits with any pesticide for other purposes, cockroaches tend to ignore the baits.

Sticky Board Traps

Sticky board traps for cockroach control work like fly paper.

Benefits: Sticky board traps for cockroach control are safe for use in all situations. Additionally, because they help you to gauge the areas of greatest cockroach activity, they are a useful tool for follow-up cockroach control visits.

Be aware that: The pheromone attractant in sticky board traps only attracts certain types of cockroaches - nesting females, males ready to mate and young cockroaches who want to socialise. They are not a complete cockroach control solution, but are a useful adjunct. 

Amalgamated Pest Control Pty Ltd have the very best the world has to offer for cockroach control policies and procedures. We can control the toughest cockroach population using barrier sprays, dust and gels, and if used together will eradicate any infestation. Employ these same methods and you will be able to control the toughest pest problem.

Do I need Professional Cockroach Control Assistance?

While there is a lot that can be done to prevent and moderate a cockroach infestation, home products and techniques can rarely get rid of all cockroaches from homes and businesses. You most likely will need the help of a professional to fix the problem.

Why call in a professional pest controller for your cockroach control?

  1. We know the type of environments around your home that cockroaches love, and have learnt quite a few secrets about their habits over the years. They have the experience of knowing where to look and an in-depth knowledge of additional factors you may not be aware of.
  2. Our professional pest controllers have specialised equipment to gain access to normally inaccessible parts of the building structure.
  3. Professional pest controllers have a wide variety of products and systems that can provide on-going eradication of, and protection from cockroaches.
  4. Amalgamated Pest Control's cockroach control professionals provide a full service warranty - that's why we say, "If they come back ... so do we". When you pay for an cockroach control treatment, you get whatever it takes to ensure that cockroaches don't re-infest your property!

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