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Our cooler weather has caused a surge in mice and rat numbers in the suburban areas, according to industry experts, Amalgamated Pest Control.

Ant Control Methods

Ant Control Methods

Entire meals, packets of sugar and pantries ruined.
Itchy, painful bites.
A home that looks like the edges of a compost heap!

Ants are a completely solvable problem within all homes.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how quickly you wipe your benches and how diligently you clean up your leftovers - the ants still invade your home! When a wet cloth or boiling water just isn’t working, Amalgamated Pest Control's ant control strategies can help break the annoying ant cycle.

Why Bother with Ant Control?

  • Ruined food and appliances: Ants can be a real nuisance.  Not only can they trailing ants be unsightly but they can cause damage and spoil products.  Have you had them invade your pantry lately and spoil food?  When their numbers increase they can get into appliances, baby bottles etc, and make life a real misery.
  • Cleanliness isn't always the answer: Even the cleanest home or office can be suddenly invaded by these little armies.  A change in environmental conditions is all it takes for them to seek out new food sources or totally 'move camp'. Chemical ant control methods are often necessary to discourage them from overrunning your house.
  • Potential damage: Depending on the species, ants may nest inside wall cavities, electrical equipment and roof voids.  Others species nest in and around gardens and under paved areas, causing soil subsidence. Ant control preserves your property's value.

Learn more about ant biology here...

Ant Control Tips

There are plenty of ant control strategies that you can use to limit ant populations in your home or workplace.  Professional pest controllers recommend these ant control methods and strategies:

  • Remove food: You need to be able to reduce their food sources.  Clean up all food waste and spillages immediately; keep food in tight sealed containers; seal up your rubbish bags ; and avoid leaving pet food around for long periods of time.
  • Trim up: Keep general vegetation around the premises under control to aid in ant control.  Trees and bushes should not be touching the building, gutter or eaves, and overhanging branches should be trimmed back.

Ant Control Methods and Strategies

The basic strategies for success in ant control include:

  • Inspection:  It is vital to identify the correct genus or species of ant causing the problem.  There are thousands of species and a number cause major problems in our homes and workplaces.  Identifying the correct ant species is vital since they all have different food and nesting preferences.  Locating nests and eradicating their 'home" is the most successful way of dealing with an ant infestation - but often the nests hard if not impossible to locate.  A thorough inspection will provide important clues to a successful treatment.
  • Chemical Treatments: Chemical treatments for ant control range from liquid and dry powder formulation to granules.  Most active ingredients in these products are based on synthetic pyrethroids, which are much safer for your family and pets.  Chemical treatments can sometimes provide ongoing protection (like a barrier) against future ant infestation, however this depends on the species of ant, and the type and placement of the ant control product.
  • Ant Baiting:  Ants baits are a highly effective ant control tool.  After correct identification of the ants, the correct bait can be selected and placed strategically to encourage the ants to feed.  The advantage of using ant baits is that the ants transfer the bait back to the colony; if the baiting job is done well, the entire colony can be eradicated with a single visit.  The disadvantage of using baits is that the baits may need to be replenished over time - and the ants will not die off immediately, so patience is needed.

Do I Need Professional Ant Control Assistance?

While there steps you can take to minimise ant infestation, if invasions are severe or consistent, you will need the help of a professional for long-term ant control.

Why call in a professional pest controller for your ant control?

  1. We know the type of environments around your home that ants love, and have learnt quite a few secrets about their habits over the years. They have the experience of knowing where to look and an in-depth knowledge of additional factors you may not be aware of.
  2. Our professional pest controllers have specialised equipment to gain access to normally inaccessible parts of the building structure.
  3. Professional pest controllers have a wide variety of products and systems that can provide on-going eradication of, and protection from ants.
  4. Amalgamated Pest Control's ant control professionals provide a full service warranty - that's why we say, "If they come back ... so do we". When you pay for an ant control treatment, you get whatever it takes to ensure that ants don't re-infest your property!

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