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Mackay in grip of rodent invasion

Having received a record number of calls from both home and business owners over winter, Amalgamated Mackay attributes the outbreak to both the floods in early February and the more recent sugar crushing season which started in early July.
“Unfortunately rodents were forced into buildings to escape the floodwaters in search of food, water and shelter. Surviving rodents have then flourished in their new homes much to the concern of residents and business owners,” Glenn said.
“The problem has worsened with the arrival of the sugar cane crushing season with a second wave of rodents entering homes to escape cane fields under harvest.
According to Glenn the growing practice of green cane harvesting may also be contributing to escalating rodent problem.
“Rodents have always been a problem during the sugar cane crushing season but I think the old practice of lighting fires in the cane before harvest used to help control the number of rodents escaping the fields,” Glenn said.
“The new method of green cane harvesting offers fantastic agronomic and environmental benefits unfortunately rodent control isn’t one of them.”
While it is hard to estimate the financial and health implications of the outbreak Amalgamated Mackay says early detection is key to preventing the problem from worsening.
“We have responded to a lot of calls where people have tried to manage the problems themselves without success and found the rodent population has exploded.
“The sooner the mice are spotted, the easier and quicker it will be for us control the outbreak,” said Glenn.
Treatment is relatively simple and cost effective usually taking an hour or two with follow up visits or regular monitoring, depending on the size of the infestation. Amalgamated Pest Control places bait stations containing either an attractant block or liquid baits, in ceiling cavities and concealed areas around the affected property.
Posted on Wednesday, 8 October 2008 (Archive on Monday, 1 January 0001)
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