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Local business helps YMCA get connected

YMCA of the Top End has proudly been donated five computers by Darwin based Amalgamated Pest Control for the children to use in the Outside School Hours and vacation care programs.
“Caring for children is a challenging job and we are proud to be able to offer some additional resources and equipment to the YMCA. This equipment will enable YMCA to offer more diverse programs to children of all ages,” said Julie Trouten, Darwin branch owner, Amalgamated Pest Control.
“As a local business we are keen to give back to the community and YMCA is all about building stronger communities, we were only too happy to help.”
According to Joanne Stone, acting CEO of YMCA of the Top End, the organisation is thrilled to receive the computers, “we know they will be welcomed by the children and staff”.
“The YMCA cannot always afford to purchase expensive technology and it is great that a local business will provide such substantial support towards such an important community program. One computer would have been great but for Amalgamated to provide five at no charge, it’s fantastic,” said Ms Stone.
Amalgamated’s Julie Trouten is one of the few female qualified pest technicians in Australia and took over the management of the Darwin branch 12 months ago. She said while the business had been successfully operating in the local community for some 20 years, she has received strong support from the local community since taking over the ownership and this was her way of saying thank you.
“It’s important for local businesses to retain close ties with the communities in which they operate. Ever since I’ve taken over the Darwin business the community has been so supportive and this is one small way that I can acknowledge this,” she said.
Darwin is about to enter one of its busiest seasons for pests, with termites already showing signs of an early arrival and the number of calls increasing for common fleas.
“The naturally warmer weather in Darwin means termites are a year-round pest, however with the rains approaching and the temperatures expected to rise local residents and businesses should consider proactive measures to combat the outbreak,” Julie said.
Sings of termite activity include:
·         Soft or creaking floor boards and skirting boards
·         Bulging, staining, blistering or rippling of painted timbers
·         Unusual sounds in the wall upon tapping
·         Presence of mud around skirting boards, window and door frames
·         Musty odour
·         Unexplained failure of electrical power
·         Doors not shutting properly when previously they did
·         Stained pin holes in walls
“Times are financially tough but when you consider the fact termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined, home owners simply can not afford to not have their property regularly checked,” Julie said.
Likewise, ticks are also a major pest during the hotter months, particularly for animals and humans. They are responsible for the poisoning of many native and domestic animals as well as causing severe allergic reactions.  Treatment of yard and animals is effective but again early action is the best prevention.
Posted on Wednesday, 8 October 2008 (Archive on Monday, 1 January 0001)
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