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Early start to termite season

As spring approaches, Amalgamated Pest Control is warning residents to be ready for a potentially damaging termite season following unusually high levels of local termite activity over winter.
According to Amalgamated Pest Control’s General Manager Mick Farr, many of the Amalgamated branches have reported an increase in the number of termite calls during winter.
“Termite foraging activity is seasonal and generally slows down during winter, but this hasn’t been the case this year,” Mr Farr said.
“The unusual conditions this winter, particularly the above average rainfalls received across Queensland, have provided suitable conditions for termite activity.
“It is concerning as property owners generally don’t worry about booking their termite inspections till the weather warms which this year could mean the termites have had a serious head start damaging their properties,” Mr Farr said.
“It only takes a couple of months for termites to do structural damage to a home.”
Favourable conditions for the dreaded and costly pest are set to continue with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting warmer than normal temperatures this spring.
“Times are financially tough but when you consider the fact termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined, home owners simply can not afford to not have their property regularly checked,” Mr Farr said.
“Most importantly property owners should always call a qualified termite inspector upon the first sign of termite activity.”
Householders are encouraged to keep an eye out for the following danger signs of termite activity:
·         Soft or creaking floor boards and skirting boards
·         Bulging, staining, blistering or rippling of painted timbers
·         Unusual sounds in the wall upon tapping
·         Presence of mud around skirting boards, window and door frames
·         Musty odour
·         Unexplained failure of electrical power
·         Doors not shutting properly when previously they did
·         Stained pin holes in walls

Posted on Wednesday, 1 October 2008 (Archive on Monday, 1 January 0001)
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